The tension is rising

With just one day to go at the Techno293 and Techno293 Plus Asian Championships the tension is rising.
As tomorrow the last possible warning signal is at 14:00 and the wind does not come before 12:00 there are very high chances we are in for only two deciding races tomorrow. Knowing that, today we had four. Three back to back in the first session followed by a fourth after a break. 

And still it is far from decided. In the Techno293Plus Asgar Kikabhoy from Hong Kong has almost secured the victory on his road on becoming the Asian Champion, but there are just two points between places two to five. And today’s only protest of the event so far, did not make it any closer with Abdullah Al-Sarhi being disqualified and falling from his podium spot. 

The Techno293 has a similar story with the local Ali Al Shrhi firmly in the lead, but his teammate Abdulrahman Al-Mujaini being followed closely by top girl Yuk Kiu Yukie Fung from Hong Kong.

All can change however with two or maybe even three races and a second discard, which will inevitably come after eleven races. 

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